Portside Marine uses only the finest, heavy duty, UV protected shrinkwrap. We guaranty all of shrinkwrapping to last over the entire winter problem free. When the staff at Portside goes through the shrinkwrapping process , we take extra steps to make sure that the customers boats are kept clean, that all canvas is lowered and stored properly, and lastly that we take the necessary steps to make sure that the wrap can breath so, that dampness doesn't become an issue.. In the Springtime, we remove the shrinkwrap with the same care that we put it up, removing all frames and  saving the shrinkwrap so that it can be recycled, as part of Portsides commitment to running a cleaner and greener facility.

Please check our Winter Pricing for this year's Shrinkwrap prices.
No shrink wrapping off site.
No one is allowed to shrink wrap on our property.
Storage customers are NOT allowed to cover own boats.
All frames & shrink wrap will be provided by Portside Marine ONLY—NO EXCEPTIONS